Since a chef started the company, our story is naturally told through a recipe!


Recipe for Sauce on the Side
Yields one fantastic business committed to bringing creative, all natural sauces to the masses!



1 super-talented, creative chef (Linda Kane) working at Johnson & Wales University

1 delicious, addictive, all natural hot sauce recipe

1 co-worker (Aimee Fontaine), willing to do the day-to-day organizational work


Method of preparation:

Bring chef, coworker and hot sauce recipe together at a restaurant table and let simmer for 2-3 hours. For best results, add wine and grilled pizza.



A Rhode Island-based company that produces all natural sauces using fresh ingredients to offer creative and flavorful alternatives to the ordinary condiment.


What’s In A Name?

So, the company actually had a name before it was even a company and the hot sauce even had its name before it was actually a hot sauce.


“Sauce on the Side” is a restaurant phrase attached to a “special” order when a guest has requested their sauce to be served on the side instead of on top of the food item. “SOS” is kitchen slang for the phrase. Appropriate, we thought, for our business since we cater to special needs of sauce lovers everywhere, and because our sauces will “rescue” you in times of trouble! S.O.S. says it all!


As for the hot sauce, the Rhode Island Red is the official state bird (Vincent is the name of the rooster on our label).  But really, can you think of a more awesome name for a hot sauce from Rhode Island!


The cowboy on the Cowboy Ketchup bottle’s name is Jake - just a name we thought fit! 


Our Motto

Go ahead…play with your food!